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Business Brokerage

We help you, buy, build, or sell your business.

What We Do

Welcome to Miles Group. We’re a Dayton-based private equity firm created specifically to provide greater access to private equity investing. For as little as $5,000, we can provide access to private equity investments. More than investing capital into the businesses we acquire, we invest our expertise, support and time into our portfolio companies to ensure they thrive over the long-term.

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The Miles Advantage


We are technologists and engineers at our core, translating ideas into actions.


Our operations, growth and technology strategies are personalized through thoughtful exchange across our network.


We know enterprise software and have the track record in investing, operations, growth and innovation to prove it.

Investment Principles


Force Appreciation

Buy assets below market value, then add value through
renovations, better management, and branding. Don’t
buy and wait for the market to improve.

Opportunities are then assessed by our expert team to
ensure that the investment aligns with our principles, which
are applied to every deal, every time.

Investors Profit First

House Construction

We believe in alignment of interest. Our investments
are structured so that our clients make the first portion
of the profits from each asset. We participate in profits
after we meet specific performance benchmarks.

Buy Assets that Make Sense

Markets change and it is important to change with
them. Focus time and resources to acquire the best property at the best pricing, rather than listed
properties that are available to the general public.

Income Creates Value

Income is the true test of value, not what somebody
says an asset should be worth.

Business Colleagues

Miles Group Celebrates Black History Month

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